Oxfordian Osteopathy

My approach to osteopathy is influenced heavily by life experiences before and during my osteopathic training completed at Oxford Brookes University. I played elite level football for premier league and lower league youth and reserve sides, which, was unfortunately cut short due to suffering two serious injuries. The disappointment and frustration in the struggle to regain peak fitness was the fuel that lead me to learn about and aspire to become an osteopath.

I’d previously studied sports science and have been qualified as a sports massage and rehabilitation therapist for over a decade now. Outside of sports and health, I’ve been a youth worker and mentor, I’ve worked in education, from shop floors to working in acute psychiatric wards. About

My background has made me the man I am today. I’ve come across a multitude of people from all walks and all ages whom have imposed a wealth of experiences that have honed my perspective on life.

I believe my background to be advantageous to my approach as an osteopath having developed receptiveness to the variety of conditions that people seek my help and advice for.

Fundamentally, I go by the osteopathic principle that the body has the ability to heal itself (known in conventional medicine as homeostasis). I as a practitioner am nothing more than the catalyst that restores but is totally aided by your dedication to maintaining yourself. This may be through rehabilitative exercises, diet and lifestyle changes or adjusting daily activities.