What you can expect

Initial consultation consists of a thorough case history process. This involves extensive questioning and depending on your complaint, may require very personal questions. This may lead one to feel uncomfortable but answers to these questions will be fundamental for the screening process required in making a justifiable diagnosis and thus a suitable plan of treatment for you. Our code of practice requires osteopaths to uphold patient confidentiality.

After this process, you will be given space to undress into suitable clothing. Suitable clothing will be a sports bra and shorts for females and shorts for men. If you are comfortable than respectable underwear will suffice.

Undressing to suitable clothing enables the practitioner to assess contours, joint movement and structural integrity.

During the examination process large towels are available to cover up at the most convenient time.

The examination process consists of observation of your structure and movement from front, side and back, palpation of muscular-skeletal tissues and movement and specific clinical tests. Some tests can cause discomfort but this is crucial in revealing to the practitioner which structures are dysfunctional under stress.

Shortly thereafter, the practitioner will discuss with you what the diagnosis is and what the most effective treatment will consist of.

Once the examination is complete, treatment will presume.

If time does not permit for treatment, the most important element is that you’re assured of a diagnosis and can take confidence in knowing future treatment will significantly address this.

In some cases, you may be asked for consent to contact your GP or other healthcare practitioner if it is felt this is necessary.

After treatment

  • It is not unusual to experience treatment induced soreness, change or increase in pain 24-48 hours after treatment.
  • Post – treatment advice will be discussed.
  • Should any adverse treatment reaction exceed this, please contact the clinic.
  • If you’ve had a gap of more than 6 months since your previous visit, you will be booked in for a reassessment consultation.


You are more than welcome to be accompanied by one person during sessions.

All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

You are ALWAYS in charge. Any form of treatment that is uncomfortable, you have ABSOLUTE freedom and the right to say stop. Forms of treatment can always be alternated to suit you. If you do not speak up, I can never improve your experience.

This is a relaxed clinic; you will not be rushed around. Time will be utilized wisely allowing you to relax and for the practitioner to clearly explain procedures and give sound treatment and advice.